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"To hold the key to your life means to master natural power and natural power is creative power, this is the internal elixir"

Master Dong Yang


Continuing the Daoist Legacy of Lao Zi (Lao Tzu)

About the Academy

The LaoZi Academy was established to bring the benefit of authentic ancient Daoist practices and lifestyle strategies to the public. Traditional Chinese Daoists perfected the arts of health, safety, happiness and long life.

Daoist Master Dong Yang has directly received these powerful techniques through a private lineage of Masters that has been unbroken for thousands of years.

By concentrating on the original ancient roots of traditional Daoist theory and practice the LaoZi Academy gives the student a genuine foundation which is substantial and life changing. True self-empowerment comes easily and naturally, a stable state of happiness and well-being is achieved. Stress, anxiety and diseases of modern life are eliminated.

With this foundation the practitioner then proceeds to acquire what Daoists refer to as ‘
Da Dao’ or ‘Great Dao’. Great Dao means having the physical, mental, and intuitive ability to know the right ‘Dao’ or ‘Way’ to do anything. Throughout history masters with Da Dao, have performed with seemingly superhuman abilities.

The LaoZi Academy with Daoist Master Dong Yanggives people these lasting benefits in all areas of life. The once secret knowledge, reserved only for the most dedicated of Daoist students is now open and available for all...

"The Journey to Health, Happiness and Security begins with a single step"
Jing Qi Shen


*** Special Event***
Daoist Gourmet Tour of China - September 2013
Experiencing Nature in its Original & Ancient Form



Historically, with thousands of years of practical wisdom, real Daoists are able to:

  • Alleviate and then cure all ailments and diseases

  • Recover and maintain beauty also a youthful appearance

  • Achieve lasting happiness and positivity

  • Avoid mistakes by maintaining a calm mind and a heightened intuition

  • Protect themselves with extraordinary self-defence abilities

  • Understand the fundamental underlying processes of Nature and the Universe

At the LaoZi Academy, Master Dong Yang will guide and instruct you in the ways of Dao so you too can gain access to such abilities.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity...

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