Taoist Master Dongyang (洞阳)

Daoist Master Dong Yang13th Generation Zhong Nan
24th Generation Huashan Non-Religious Daoism
Wudang Mountains, Dragon Gate, Zhong Nan School of Daoist Practice Lineage

Master Dong Yang started learning at a very early age in Beijing, China. Master Dong Yang’s teacher from Zhong Nan lives in the mountains there. His name is Wang Ming Li and was originally from Shanxi.

He travelled to Beijing and was staying at the White Cloud Temple when Master Dong Yang started learning from him. Wang did not teach or speak to other people. Wang did not belong to any sect but was highly revered, he was also quite old at the time but looked very young and healthy. There are other teachers who have asked not to be named.

From the very start, Master Dong Yang learnt genuine Daoist knowledge, which is non-superstitious and non-religious, but true natural knowledge and natural practice to cultivate and grow the internal elixir (nei dan).

He branches out from Daoist lineages that stem from private Daoist hermits. Master Dong Yang promotes Dao as a practical, effective and functional way to deal with the world with ease without having to retreat from it. There are no rituals and rites, chants or prayers; there is simply the cultivation of life through the cultivation of the internal elixir and the constant respect of nature.

Master Dong Yang now bridges the gap between this ancient knowledge and the modern world in the tradition of
Lao Zi and Lu Dong Bin (both famous for spreading Daoist knowledge to the public).

Personal portraits from visits to his beloved country, China

master-dong-yang-in-china master-dong-yang-practicing-daoist-chinese-calligraphy master-dong-yang-in-his-loved-country-china master-dong-yang-in-daoist-mountains-china

Internal Sword Demonstration

Ancient Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration