An Evening of Fine Taoist Dining

An Evening of Fine Taoist Dining

Over the recent long weekend, Master Dongyang treated some of his students to a great evening of exquisite Taoist cuisine.
During the evening the burning log fire kept us warm as we drank tea and admired the splendor of the moon and clearing night sky!

Everyone contributed in one way or another, while Master Dongyang instructed us on the special care and attention required for preparing such cuisine… everyone was busy taking mental notes!

Surely I speak for all when I say, thank you Master Dongyang for hosting yet another wonderful evening!

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Master Dongyang branches out from Daoist lineages that stem from private Daoist hermits. He promotes Dao as a practical, effective and functional way to deal with the world with ease without having to retreat from it. He bridges the gap between ancient knowledge and the modern world.