Internal Martial Arts Class

What’ll you learn and what benefits you’ll get?

It is important to stress the benefits of the internal martial arts. If you don’t know yet, ChiGong practice is an ideal and effective way of practice for gathering natural energy to improve one’s health and martial arts abilities. It’s also the most popular named for traditional internal martial arts in the history of martial arts of China.

Internal martial arts are specific school which focus on more natural energy development than physically, Master Dongyang teaches authentic Taoist style internal martial arts for self defence and health and fitness aspects. These practices are easy and safe to learn and it is good for all age group people to join. These lessons Master Dongyang will teach the famous internal Martial arts of Taichi and Xingyi and Bagua ect. All beginners are welcome.

 Joining information

This three month course is designed to get the students aware of their internal energy and learn how to tell the difference of physical strength and internal energy finally will master that energy for application in combat and self-defence, especially are good for women to handle the stress situation in real life.

$300 for three month (four weeks from started)

Contact us to email us or call at 0414 48 4581 for more details and applying.