Tao of Incense

The history of Incense-burning in China was as long as six or seven thousand years. Due to the historical changes, especially since the Opium War, China’s social life was fallen into a period of extreme chaos of war and poverty. People couldn’t get surplus capital to support their pursuits to enjoy of elegant Incense culture when their basic needs were far unresolved at this circumstance.

China as the state has been using incense and initializing the Tao of incense long time ago. It can be traced back to ancient ancestors who used products that contained fragrant substances of trees and herbs, such as zeeland, wormwood, rue, benzoin, sandalwood, chicken tongue (cloves) etc. People used these fragrant woods or herbal fumigation baths for the purpose to drive away evil spirits and prevent and cure diseases. On this basis, it gradually developed to more rich and profound cultural connotation Dao of Incense.

The main function of incense:

1. To help with Tao and moral cultivation. Regardless of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, the one who highly achieved culmination will release the fragrance of elixir from the body. This Elixir fragrance is very similar to the smell of burning incense that contains aromatic plants. Therefore, Taoist cultivator burns incense everyday to emulate natural pure positive incense herbs to symbolize the acquirement of Tao. The sweet smell of incense is also the Incarnation of a gentleman. It is characterized as righteousness. Incense is a pure positive thing. It can combine original soul and culture to reinforce original nature of people. It is the best choice for character building and feeling easing, manic fire reduction, disease prevention and even self-restrain.

2. To strengthen the “Dragon” meridian channels – the Lungs and Stomach Meridian, on the human body. Lung and Stomach Meridian are context that usually open. When people are tired, these channels will become vulnerable and negative energy (Yinxie) will be easily enter the body through the context of Lung and Stomach Meridian to make damage. Burning good quality incense can effectively protect people from the harm at the time of strain and weakness.

3. To gain wisdom. Fragrant smell enters spleen so that fragrant substance can effectively repair and solidify spleen. Spleen leads minds and thoughts. When spleen is in a healthy state, it is a matter of course to enable the beneficiaries with quick thinking and great inspiration, and play a wonderful role in promoting the cause of which they are engaged.

4. To drive out evil and prevent disease. Burning Incense often in living room will greatly reduce the incident of the disease. Fragrant and spiced material that absorbed the essence of sky and earth contain a lot of positive energy. This energy has a strong ability to get rid of six evil energies. People are likely get attacked by these evil energies during sleep at night. Especially the elderly, once they get attacked and infected by disease, their lives are easily hurt. Incense can help people avoid evil energies invasion completely.

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Master Dongyang branches out from Daoist lineages that stem from private Daoist hermits. He promotes Dao as a practical, effective and functional way to deal with the world with ease without having to retreat from it. He bridges the gap between ancient knowledge and the modern world.