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How to get illnesses and diseases?


In spite of the title, this article will really be on how not to get illnesses and diseases which, at our time of life, is a much more important subject according to Taoist knowledge. My first advice would be to choose you the right way of life carefully. Although the people of today suffered too much from the daily lives, we have had ideal way of solutions and treatments towards those sufferings. Before we tackle those problems, we have to know what those problems are, how the problems come from and how to prevent it.

Psychologically, there are many dangers to be guarded against addictions. One of these is undue indulging to the extreme food such as cold drinks, cold food, sugar and deserts, raw vegetables and fruits. All these cold and wet stuff add up dampness around the organs like spleen and stomach, likely cause depression mood of the consumer. The ill energy of the coldness and wetness will block the fine channel of those vulnerable organs such as spleen and stomach, bladder, cervix and oval until cancer developed.

Why this ill energy can cause cancer? That because the negative energy will seek an access downward movement. When the negative energy reaches at cervix and oval and immediately joins up with it. The dampness and wetness energy hold up, occupied and block the channels of those affected organs until cancer is gradually developed.

The other thing to be avoided is over consuming alcohol and soft drink for those drinks contains too much chemicals. And the chemicals can reduce and lower immunity greatly.  The best ways to overcome it – so at least it seems to me – is to develop your new value of life style, such as adopting some Taoist concept and Daoyin practice. And this practice can well develop internal balance in order to keep you away from those ill things attraction. To arms you with the powerful positive energy, it means to shield yourself in every prospect by the natural energy which is collected from nature of the Daoyin practice.

Of course, today we face many unexpected challenges come from every prospect of lives than ever. Especially those challenges of addictions which are not only from foods and drugs but also from technology.  Nowadays, wherever you go, you can easily see people with mobile phone in hand, playing it all the time despite of time and occasion, even if while driving a car.  Thanks to new age of technology development, the possibility of combined functions of mobile phone came true. Calling someone and playing a game and navigating on internet, watching TV, all these jobs can be carried just on one machine. With this smart gadget, the only consequence we will get is the addiction syndrome. And this will destroy the basic foundation of health for the user.


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Master Dongyang branches out from Daoist lineages that stem from private Daoist hermits. He promotes Dao as a practical, effective and functional way to deal with the world with ease without having to retreat from it. He bridges the gap between ancient knowledge and the modern world.