Feng Shui

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Corporate and Commercial Services by Taoist Master Dongyang

Commercial Service:

  • Feng Shui check for New commercial developments or/and existing commercial premises/business with remedies for poor Feng Shui areas
  • Help choosing a good Feng Shui site for a new business
  • Feng Shui advice before purchasing or selling businesses or business premises

Residential Services

  • Residential Feng Shui check with remedies for poor Feng Shui areas
  • Choosing a good Feng Shui site for a residence
  • Feng Shui advice before building a new house, purchasing or selling houses or apartments

Please note: Any require site inspections for residential, commercial and office buildings, Please email laoziacademy@gmail.com, or phone 0414484581 to make a booking.

Bad energy (negative spirit) removing on the place will be provided as an additional service.

Online Services

The following online services via email are available:

  • Personalized Feng Shui checking
  • The “four pillars of destiny” and suggestions that included:
  1. Your horoscope
  2. Your core element and the element combination
  3. Your past, current and future life stages, strengths and weaknesses
  4. Your personal Gua number
  5. Your individual Eight Mansions analysis
  6. Your success, health and relationship enhancements
  7. Your compatibility based on Gua number, Chinese zodiac and year element
  8. Your lucky colours, days and objects
  9. Feng Shui solutions to your predicaments

(Information required for this service from you: Your name and date of birth)

  • Business card and logo consultation

This service is designed for those who wish to improve the Feng Shui of their business card and company logo.
(Information needed for this service: date of birth of business owner and existing business card. We will prepare you a full written report of your business card together with suggestions for logo design, shape, colour, dimensions.

  • Day choosing for wedding

This service is designed for those who wish to hold wedding ceremony on the most auspicious day. The choice of the day is based on the couple’s birth sign, elements, and the star of the day.

(Information required for this service: Birth day details of the couple, and suitable days for marriage)