Tao and Life

The true nature of humanity is being able to understand and embrace the Tao in order to connect with and be lead by nature in life.

This is a prerequisite if you seek to achieve Tao, without it, the Tao of nature is far from your reach. Furthermore, you must consciously eliminate all attachments to the secular world, material obsessions and desires, only then can you achieve absolute freedom from suffering and the negative conditions that plague society today.

Tao is the original source of all things in the universe; ancient Taoist masters have given accounts of the nature of Yin and Yang which is the essence of Tao. Lao Tzu called Tao the ‘absolute universe’ as Tao embodies the following features and qualities: Perpetual, pervading, intangible, nothingness, namelessness, inaction and nature. Whereas the relative universe contains: virtue, impermanence, unconventionality, firmament, essence, fame, potential and society. People in today’s society would find it difficult to completely comprehend the context of this information. This is mainly due to the modern expression of society in space and time. Today people are just too busy, distracted and lost in fruitless pursuits which have blinded them to the true face of the world.

Lao Tzu had an extraordinary understanding on the coexistence of universes. He was able to engage in society but also to retreat into isolation when necessary. Coexistence and multi-dimensional coexistence is defined as Yin and Yang or heaven and hell. Space is energy, a turn can be seen or unseen and this is due to space being divergent. When desire is nonexistent you become truly free. You feel relaxed, happy and peaceful and live in a stress free state. Desire disrupts this ideal state. People would do well to return to the state of a child’s heart, the blissful state of ignorance and an absence of desire. Young children cannot navigate this life independently; however they do not become lost due to adult care. When young children develop wisdom they begin to lose the way and become susceptible to being deceived. Wise people who know the difference between good and evil are still able to be deceived. An evil person will not pretend to be an evil person to deceive a child; they will pretend to be a good person to carry out the deception.

Confucius has written much about social engagement, Lao Tzu has written much on retreat. In the view of Lao Tzu, the world is neither heaven nor hell. If the world is a type of heaven then people would not face affliction or hardship. If the world is a type of hell, people would cease strive for survival or to make progress due to the insurmountable difficulties. Mankind is neither an angel nor a devil. Mankind’s predominate disposition is self deception. Modern people are not as intelligent their ancestors.

Why are modern people unable to understand or develop supernatural ability? It’s due to modern man’s insensitivity to nature. Ancient people possessed a close affinity for and understanding of nature. Modern man has consciously distanced himself from nature; this distance has caused a pervasive blindness and dullness. Ancient people were not materialistic; the primary reason for such a disposition was the lack of developed industry or technology that could provide a multitude of products and services that stimulate desire. Modern people are burdened by reliance on the ever expanding contribution of science and technology which only serves to further distance them from nature.

The lack of regard for or value of external pursuits or materials is proportional to the ability to reconnect with yourself and in turn reconnect with nature. This is the reason why ancient people were able to have a clearer understanding or view of the true image of the ‘absolute universe’.

Modern technologies can significantly damage your health and hinder your inspiration by clouding your mind. The greater the availability of material goods the less room there is for the soul to develop a positive state; the less readily available material goods there are the more room there is for the soul to develop a positive state. The environment in which ancient people lived was broad and spacious and this naturally gave them supernatural abilities. Today, people’s souls are trapped and restricted due to the crowded nature of modern society. In ancient times, people and Shen (both positive spirit and negative spirit) co-governed. The power of the Shen manifested itself through its actions, it made itself visible.

One who can see the Shen can also receive its help. To not recognize the existence of negative spirits is to be short sighted, without this recognition you cannot make these negative spirits serve your ends.

Today’s scientific knowledge is very limited in scope as it is unable to address this topic constructively. Western philosophy and culture continues to embrace and pursue the material world because it believes that it has already conquered nature. This is an extremely dangerous pursuit. Religion and philosophy cannot solve the problems of life in the universe. So far, there has been no adequate explanation on the origins or mysteries contained within the universe. All the cultures of the world want to know and understand the universe but do not have the means to obtain the answers they seek.

Philosophy nurtures science as philosophy has failed to provide any answers. It can be said that philosophy is the mother of science and that myths and legends are the mother of philosophy. Today we see constant advancements in all areas of science in fields such as astronomy, technology, chemistry and biology as well as in manufacturing and industry. All this progress will reach a certain point and people will begin to feel powerless and will eventually be replaced by automated systems which will lead humanity to destruction. This state is synonymous with an old saying which can be regarded as a warning “People who become consumed with their pursuits or interests to the exclusion of all else will cause them to become senseless leading them to insanity”. The natural laws of earth have become disrupted and are in a state of chaos. Machines continue to be invented for the purpose of automation and at the same time people become increasingly like machines, creating an unnatural dependence on technology and machinery to perform tasks.

Ancient people did not focus on material possessions they focused instead on internal development. People should simplify their lives in order to be free from the bondage that knowledge brings. People cannot perceive the world without their senses or understand the true nature of the world. The concept of colour to a blind man is an incomprehensible mystery. Mankind is able to engage the world via their senses. This sensitivity allows people to accurately assess the world around them. Being in touch with your senses allows you to accurately assess what is required for you personally. This will create a condition of balance in your life.

The Western concept of modern science is to create universal standards and apply these without exception, the end result of which is chaos and disorder. Scientific research and development are no different to what was described previously in the old saying regarding being absorbed to the exclusion of all else. Scientists have created great inventions and inspired many new innovations, initially these developments generally benefited mankind, however these discoveries are eventually used for evil purposes, contributing to the destruction of mankind and of the earth.

Scientists have been reduced to the role of being tools as they do not have power over the use or misuse of their creations. These innovations are wielded by the sponsors as they see fit without any moral consideration. For example, innovation in nuclear research unleashed the use of atomic weapons on humanity.

Having a deep attachment to inanimate objects depletes your own life energy as you are connected to an object with no life energy. The study of the spirit is Tao and Taoism is the study of the origins of humanity, nature and the universe. Taoism is about developing natural knowledge, understanding nature and natural harmony. As modern people have lost touch with nature due to materialism, the pursuit of power and desire, their life force or energy becomes weak which causes their spirit to become divided and creates a negative state of being. The end result is constant turmoil culminating in insanity.

The aim of Tao cultivation is to achieve a pure positive condition which is a supernatural state. There are many ancient Taoists who achieved the state of immortality. Nowadays people find it very difficult to attain immortality, one of the main reasons for this is the desire for material things, the condition of being materialistically obsessed to the point of exhaustion. Taoists purposely operate and teach people in an obscure and vague manner. To teach in black and white would be a fallacy as the world is a combination of both Yin and Yang.

The truth is not clear and is never clearly explained or is as obvious as negative in positive or positive in negative. Men also have female hormones just as women also have male hormones, this is a reflection of nature as Yin appearing in Yang and Yang appearing in Yin. This is why Lao Tzu expressed that Tao cannot be named. Despite your beliefs or values your future is all up to you. It is within your control to change your fortune by adopting an approach that will promote positive changes in your life.

The greater scientific development there is, the greater the extent of spiritual emptiness. Science does not recognise or believe in the power of Shen because it is too limited. Taoism is the only path that will ensure the survival of the universe and the only way to assist people in breaking free from earthly limitations.

About author

Master Dongyang branches out from Daoist lineages that stem from private Daoist hermits. He promotes Dao as a practical, effective and functional way to deal with the world with ease without having to retreat from it. He bridges the gap between ancient knowledge and the modern world.