Tao and Life

Humanity is a key attribute one must accomplish in order to match the Tao of nature.
This is a prerequisite if you seek to achieve Tao, without it, the Tao of nature is far from your reach… Furthermore, you must consciously eliminate all attachments to the secular world, material obsession and desires, only then can you achieve absolute freedom from the suffering and the negative conditions that plague today’s human society.

This article is a study of “Tao and Life” and focuses on the state of todays society in relation to the topics described in the opening introduction.

In essence, Tao is the original source of all things in the universe, the ancient Taoist Master gave account of this and regarded the yin and yang as the Tao. Lao Tzu called it the ‘absolute universe’ which contains the following features and qualities: the Tao, constant, usual, mysterious, nothing, nameless, inaction, nature. Whereas the relative universe contains: virtue, impermanence, unusual, sky, exist, famous, promising, social world. Todays society would find it very difficult, even impossible to fully comprehend the context of this information. This is mainly due to the changes in space and time. Today, people are just too busy, distracted, lost in their pursuits which has seriously hindered their ability to see the true face of the world.

Lao Tzu had an extraordinary understanding on the coexistence of universes. He was able to engage in social affairs but also to retreat when necessary. Coexistence is defined as the yin and yang, heaven and hell including multi-dimensional coexistence. Similarly, space is energy, a turn can be seen or unseen, this is because space is divergent. When desire is non existent, all is wonderful. You feel relaxed, happy, graceful and without any pressures. The moment desire presents itself you are seriously disturbed, no longer at peace. One should return to the state of a child’s heart, the blissful state of ignorance and desire free. Young children do not know the way however they will not get lost because of adult care. When wisdom is developed however, the young one will begin to lose the way and become susceptible to being deceived, a wise student knowing the difference between good and bad will still be cheated. A bad person will not pretend to be a bad person to cheat a child, instead they will pretend to be a good one to achieve the result.

Confucius talks about social engagement. Lao Tzu speaks of retreat. In his view the world is neither paradise or hell. The world is not a paradise. If it was heaven then people will no longer have to work hard. It is not hell, if it was then people will easily abandon, no longer strive to make progress. Man is neither an angel or a devil but human beings often deceive themselves. Modern people are not as intelligent as the ancients. Why are people less and less psychic? This is because the ancients had a close affinity to nature, modern people have distanced themselves greatly from it. Ancient people wanted less than modern people, primarily because there was no technology or large scale productivity to support desire. Modern people are burdened by the reliance on the ever expanding world of science and technology which only serves to distance them further and further away from nature. The less reliance on extrinsic material exists, the stronger the intrinsic sensitivity becomes. Hence why ancients were much closer to the ‘absolute universe’.

All modern electronic devices can damage your nerves and seriously hinder inspiration. Another example is the repetitive use of computers which can lead to a low sperm count in men and cause infertility embolisms in women. In the physical world, people are subject to a whole range of restrictions. The more tangible material is available the less room there is for the soul, less tangible material the more room there is for the soul. The environment in which the ancients lived was broad and spacious so they had a strong telepathic ability. Today, souls are trapped and restricted. In ancient times, people and Shen (both of positive spirit and negative spirit) co-governed. The power of the Shen manifested itself through its actions, it made itself visible. One who can see the Shen can also receive its help. To not recognize the existence of ghosts is to be short sighted, without recognition you cannot gain their assistance.

Todays scientific knowledge is very limited in scope as it is unable to represent this topic constructively.

Western philosophy and culture continues to embrace and pursue the material world because it believes that it has already conquered nature. This is an extremely dangerous pursuit. Religion and philosophy cannot solve the problems of life in the universe. So far, every relevant question has been answered with a no. All the cultures of the world want to know and understand the universe but do not get the answers they seek. Philosophy nurtures science. It can even be said that philosophy is the mother of science and that myths and legends are the mother of philosophy. Today we see constant advancements in astronomy, geography, chemistry and biological science as well as mechanical manufacturing. All this progression will reach a certain point and people will begin to feel powerless and will eventually be replaced by robots and destruction. This is synonymous with an old saying by Wanwusangzhi’s which can be regarded as a warning. People are too playful until they become mindless and insane. The earth’s survival order has become a disrupted mess. Robots continue to be invented for the purpose of automation and at the same time people become more and more like robots, depending heavily on technology and machinery to perform tasks.

China’s ancients did not focus on objects instead homes for the heart. To maintain innocence, pure pleasure, people should simplify their life. People cannot perceive the world without facial features. The blind man will not know what color is. Feeling full means you do not need to eat. The Western concept of modern science is to take a dose, life is consistent with this science. Research science is the same as the playfulness described previously in the old saying. Einstein made the atomic bomb and then told the government not to use it, however the US government chose not to listen and used it on Japan. Scientists are being used as tools. There is no spirit only material. The study of the spirit is Tao and Taoism is the human and natural science. Taoism is about natural knowledge, understanding nature and the natural harmony. The spirit of reality is trapped in the flesh of the common people, this is all due to materialism and the pursuit of power and dominance in the material world. The end result is one of insanity causing the spirit to split, become severed.

Cultivation of Tao is to achieve the state of superbness. There are many ancients who achieved the state of immortality. Nowadays people find it very difficult to attain immortality, one of the main reasons for this is the strong desire for material things, the condition of being materialistically obsessed to the point of exhaustion. Taoists purposely perform and teach people in an obscure and vague manner. To teach in black and white would be a fallacy. The truth is not clear and is never explained clearly or as obvious as male to female, female to male, male have female hormones, female have male hormones, yin in yang, yang in yin. This is why Lao Tzu expressed that Tao cannot be named. Despite your belief or disbelief, the future is all up to you. It is within your control to make the necessary changes. The more scientific development, the more spiritual emptiness exists. Science does not believe in the power of Shen because it is too limited.

Taoism is the magic weapon for the survival of the universe and the only way to help people obtain the great Tao.

About author

Master Dongyang branches out from Daoist lineages that stem from private Daoist hermits. He promotes Dao as a practical, effective and functional way to deal with the world with ease without having to retreat from it. He bridges the gap between ancient knowledge and the modern world.