The Tao of Tea Knowledge about 'the way of tea', benefits of green tea, red tea and pureh tea

The art of practising tea ceremony’s, as well as the great appreciation of fine tea arts, all has its foundation from practical Daoist cultivation. The Dao of Tea known today stems from the Great Dao passed down from ancient Masters.

Chadao (The way of appreciating tea), the Dao of Tea is the highest and most perfected state of tea appreciation in China, without a need for special utensils and traditions. Tea Dao is Peng Cha (tea making), in this way tea is enjoyed in the highest level, and is more than necessary for cultivating the Shen (positive spirit).

The Chinese tea is the most profound drink for the Daoist, as it can enhance the Shen, as well as cultivate great moral conduct and temperament for the practitioner which is a great help to assist the main internal cultivation practice.

Tea drinking, while it is essential for Daoist cultivation, it is also an indispensable drink in people’s daily diet, offering great health benefits and giving a moment of peaceful time to oneself while enjoying the tea.

In addition tea can quench the thirst, but also, calm the mind, quieten and preserve the heart, and put aside distractions. All of which advocates tranquility and leisure which coincides with Daoist doctrine of inaction and being indifferent to fame or gain, as well as being in line with the Confucian views of Xiuji (修己) – introversion and self cultivation. Tea is the core of the tea culture, tea culture cultivates the soul of people.

Although people are living in the concrete jungle of the city, once a sip of tea is had, it is as if one has suddenly walked into a beautiful forest, deeply purifying the heart. Tea has all the benefits and the functions of enhancing Shen and calming the mind, detoxify the body and expelling hundreds of toxins.

People in an instant of drinking tea are taken back in time, to the ancient times, such as hidden forest. This is a wonderful feature of the tea, it can allow people to slow down, and calm down, in order to ease and relieve the physical and mental disturbance from the numerous troublesome surroundings. The body and mind can be refreshed, giving a great gratitude for tea and leaving one feeling an endless appreciation as the beautiful taste of the tea lingers.

People in their free time, gather with friends to ramble to the mountain forests, seated around a tea table under a huge beautiful pine tree while enjoying the great benefits of tea. No matter how busy or stressed you are, if you understand the way of the Tea Dao, you’ll get your exhausted heart a deep rest, as well as your thirst soothed by drinking a few cups of tea. Imagine that you were sitting in the middle of bamboo forest, with the view of ancient misty mountain peaks, enjoying the fragrant wonderful tea, just like a hermit in retreat from the ancient times. Then you can really say you’re a happy and lucky man.

The meaning of the Chinese ‘Cha’ 茶 character means man among the forest, unity with the natural essence of sky and earth. The character is depicting a man in the forest, as that is the original meaning of character for tea in China, essentially meaning to return nature.

Tea drinking offers all kinds of important benefits to the everyday life for all kinds people. Dragon Tea provided by Daoist Culture Online will satisfy the needs for every works of life.

By © Master Dongyang

To learn more and experience Dao of Tea, please contact to join in following Tea Workshops.

Introduction of Dao of tea

This workshop will teach how the Dao is related to tea and provide the opportunity for the people to learn the knowledge of tea and its functions of different tea.

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Date: 10th of June, 8th of July, 5th of August, Wednesday

Select the tea

This workshop will teach how to choose the tea for your own special needs and provide the chance to taste several different teas.

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Date: 17th of June, 15th of July, 12th of August, Wednesday

Prepare the tea

This workshop will teach people how to prepare tea and enjoy it properly.

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Date: 24th of June, 22nd of July, 19th of August, Wednesday

Tea and Health

This workshop will teach how the season, weather, gender and age impact the tea, and teach people to select the tea accordingly.

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Date: 1st of July, 29th of July, 26th of August, Wednesday