Taoist Music / Guqin

Taoist music is mainly means Guqin music. To play Guqin music is part of Taoist practice. In ancient time, the Guqin string was made of silk. Not like today’s modern Guqin with metal string, the sound of old Guqin is very soft and hard to hear from distance. The old Guqin is not for audience but for the player himself. The player must be very calm down when play the Guqin. It helps the player to concentrate on peace practice. This means it helps the player to recall the positive spirit to join with him.

Below are some very famous Guqin music.

1. Forgetting the Vulgar Ideas(Hold Oneself Aloof from the World) 

2. Water and Cloud on Xiaoxiang river

3.  Recalling old friend.

4. Geese landed on sandy bank

5. Flowing water

6. Questions and Answers between Fisherman and Woodcutter