The Tao of Tea Knowledge about 'the way of tea', benefits of green tea, red tea and pureh tea

The art of practising the tea ceremony as well as the great appreciation of fine tea arts all have their foundation in practical Taoist cultivation. The Tao of Tea known today stems from the Great Tao passed down from ancient Taoist masters.

Chatao (The way of appreciating tea), the Tao of Tea is the highest and most perfected state of tea appreciation in China and is practiced without the need for special utensils and traditions. Tea Tao is Peng Cha (or tea making), is enjoyed in a refined and cultivated manner and is essential for cultivating the Shen (or positive spirit).

Chinese tea is the most important drink for a Taoist, as it can enhance the Shen, as well as cultivate great moral conduct and a stable temperament for the practitioner. Chinese tea also greatly assists with the internal cultivation of Tao.

Tea drinking is also an indispensable drink in people’s daily diet, offering great health benefits in addition to promoting peace and self-reflection.

Tea can quench the thirst, calm the mind, quieten and preserve the heart, and eliminate all distractions. All of which advocates tranquility and peace which coincides with the Taoist doctrine of inaction and being indifferent to fame or gain, as well as being in line with the Confucian views of Xiuji (修己) , which are introversion and self-cultivation.

Although modern people are living in the concrete jungle of the city, once they take a sip of tea it is as if they have suddenly entered a beautiful forest, refreshing their spirit and deeply purifying their heart. Tea has all the benefits and the functions of enhancing the Shen and calming the mind in addition to detoxifying the body and expelling hundreds of toxins.

When drinking tea, people feel as if they are transported to beautiful locations in ancient times. This is a wonderful feature of tea as it can allow people to slow down and calm their minds in order to ease and relieve the physical and mental disturbances of modern life.

The body and mind can be refreshed, by providing the tea drinker with a great gratitude for tea and leaving one feeling an endless appreciation as the beautiful taste of tea lingers. No matter how busy or stressed you may be, if you understand the way of Tea Tao, you’ll give your exhausted heart a rest in addition to soothing your thirst.

The meaning of the Chinese ‘Cha’ 茶character means a man among the forest which symbolises unity with the natural essence of earth and sky. This character depicting man in a forest essentially means returning to nature.

Tea drinking offers all kinds of important benefits in the everyday of people. Dragon Tea provided by Taoist Culture Online will satisfy your thirst and provide you with great health benefits to enhance your life.

By © Master Dongyang

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