About the Secret Method of cultivating the Elixir Practical effect's from cultivating the Elixir

There is a kind of unique exercise that can help you to achieve happiness permanently, and also, allows the happiness and positivity to accompany you at all times. It can greatly improve your mental and physical health and also help your career, business or relationships run smooth and with success.

master-dong-yang-internal-martial-artsIt can give you decisive support and the right propulsion to push you when you need to develop your business, or career and finally achieve what you want. It can re-direct you back onto the right track when you suffer the depression of a derailed relationship; business, career or even a lost loved one. It can help to recover you from serious illness or injury through careful and dedicated practice, so that you, once again can enjoy the wonderful life.

When you feel tired after a whole day of work and stress this exercise can refresh you immediately after only 5 or 10 minutes practice. You’ll feel your mind and body greatly relieved, relaxed and calm. People might wonder that the result sounds too good and effective. I can say the effect even more quick and effective then you can imagine, and without any negative side effects. When people practice this exercise, you don’t need any particular space requirements, special environment or equipment.

Despite your age, gender or race, everyone can get what he or she needs from the training. This training will enhance not only the level of Dopamine and Serotonin in the brain, but stabilise it at all times (among others brain chemicals).

How is it so? The secret is hidden in the process of the Daoist training, which can always obtain and refine the Yuan Jing ,Yuan Qi, Yuan Shen (元精、元炁、元神) repeatedly. This training is nearly almighty and when you learn and master the knowledge of this Daoist training it means you’ve got a powerful weapon to deal with any issues in your path. At same time, you’ve got a universal key to open the door of success to any business or life goals.

In this day and age with the great combination of crisis in our world today, and with no regard to universal law, modern technology and science continue to advance and develop more tools to make life easier, but with it without people realising brings greater disturbance to life on earth. Before the great disaster comes to you, if you could hold this treasure it would help you to be the survivor without doubt!

The knowledge and training offered at the Laozi Academy offers a way of coming back to nature, that is very practical and easy to be included into the daily life.

This is the training which is called “Seven Star, Nine Turning Elixir Developing Secret Method” from the genuine, Longmen (Dragon Gate) Daoist Linage.

The founder of the Laozi Academy is the successor of the Longmen Daoist Linage, Master Dongyang willfully offers the teaching to the public with his almost 50 years learning and cultivation of Quanzhen Longmen Seven Star Nine Turning Elixir Development Secret Method.

Despite of the race and nations or if he or she pro Daoism, all are welcome to learn this truly ancient and unique Daoist practice!

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