About the Secret Method of cultivating the Elixir Practical effect's from cultivating the Elixir

There is a unique type of exercise that can help you to achieve happiness permanently in addition to allowing both happiness and positivity to accompany you at all times. This exercise can greatly improve your mental and physical health in addition to promoting conditions that provide you with opportunities to advance your career, business and relationships.


This training can give you decisive support when making significant life altering decisions and can provide you with the guidance you need to develop your business and career and ultimately achieve your goals. It can re-direct you back on to a positive and stable path if you’ve suffered from depression due to a derailed relationship, business, career or even a lost loved one. Through dedicated practice you can recover from both serious illnesses and injuries so that you can once again enjoy life.

When you feel tired after a day’s work and stress, this exercise can refresh you immediately even only after 5 or 10 minutes of practice. You’ll feel your mind and body greatly relieved from stress in addition to feeling relaxed and calm. The effect of the training is even more rapid and effective than people can imagine, all without any negative side effects. This exercise has little requirements with regards to space nor is there a need for a particular environment or any specific equipment.

Despite your age, gender or race, everyone can get what he or she needs from this training. This training will enhance not only the level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, but stabilise and balance these chemicals creating a calm and relaxed frame of mind.

How is this possible? The secret is hidden in the process of the Taoist training which is the repeated refining of the Yuan Jing ,Yuan Qi, Yuan Shen (元精、元炁、元神). This training will give you a significant advantage in life and when you learn and master Taoist knowledge you’ll have obtained a powerful knowledge to deal with any issues in your path. At same time, you will have obtained a universal key to open the door of success for any business or life goals.

In this present day and age of global crisis, coupled with scientific progress that disregards the universal laws of nature, modern technological advances bring convenience but also a significant disturbance to life on earth. This training will allow you to develop the ability to overcome any and all disasters thus allowing you to survive any catastrophes that may occur.

The knowledge and training offered at Laozi Academy offers a way of returning to nature that is practical and easy to incorporate in daily life.

This secret training method is called “Seven Star, Nine Turning Elixir Development Secret Method” and originates from the genuine Longmen (Dragon Gate) Taoist lineage.

Master Dongyang is the founder of Laozi Academy and is the successor of the LongmenTaoist lineage. Master Dongyang offers these unique and effective techniques to the public with his almost 50 years of learning and cultivation of QuanzhenLongmen heritage.

Regardless of your personal heritage or background in life all people are welcome to learn this truly unique and beneficial ancient art!

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