Daoyin(导引功法) Quanzhen Longmen Seven Star Nine Turning Elixir Development Secret Method

“Running water will not go stale and nor will a well-oiled door hinge ever rust.”

This is an ancient saying that comes from the Taoist daily practice of cultivating the elixir. If one consistently practices Daoyin it will clear any existing blockages and prevent any health problems from forming in the first place. This is because the daily practice improves and refines the quality of the Jing and the blood and adjusts and improves the functions of Yuanjing(元精), Yuanqi(元炁), Yuanshen(元神)in every organ.

What is the difference between Taoist practice and regular exercise such as running, weightlifting etc…? Regular exercise only affects the muscles, it does not reach the level of Jing, Qi, Shen. As a result, the healing effect is very minor and most of the time the exercise itself causes damage without the practitioner realising it. The nature of the exercise decides the outcome on your health. For instance, external, hard, physical exercises only harden the muscles and can never nourish the organs. These exercises put tremendous stress on the body and unnecessarily consume the resources of the body. If one maintains such training over an extended period of time it will cause a lot of significant health problems and will lead to deadly illnesses.

Internal Daoyin practice provides exercises which build and refine the body internally. These exercises nourish the blood and Jing (精), as the blood and Jing never leaves the body, which is why Daoyin practice is known as internal practice. When the original blood becomes refined the original Qi will be created in order to join with the original Shen. We receive this Qi and Shen not only from ourselves but mainly from the nature through the practice.


The great benefit of this training cannot be compared to any other normal physical exercise. The practice is not only easy to perform but also easy to be continually performed over time. When the quantity of Shen and Qi reaches a certain level, the channels of Jing, Qi and Shen will be all opened. In Chinese we say “Bai maiju kai, qi xue he chang (百脉具开,炁血和畅)”, which means that the channels are opened and Qi and blood flow harmoniously.

When your channels are opened you build yourself a stronghold of Jing, Qi and Shen that shields you from any illness and misfortune. As such, who can take advantage of you?!

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The main purpose of Daoyin practice is to cultivate Tao. Daoyin practice can bring so many unexpected and significant achievements to the practitioner. Daoyin is the daily practice performed by Taoists for cultivating and preserving Tao.

This practice directs the Jing Qi through channels of the body. As the Jing Qi travels throughout the body, it cleanses the internal channels and breaks the build up of daily blockages which prevent any health problems from forming in the first place. Secondly, it enables the collection of natural energy, Yang Qi, which promotes a positive effect in all areas of your life. Thirdly, it refines the collected Yang Qi for the development of the elixir, the end result of which is the attainment of Tao.

Today, Master Dongyang is happy to share this great Taoist training with all those who wish to pursue practical Taoism. Daoyin practice can really bring great and lasting benefits to all who embrace the Tao.

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Original Article in Chinese:

挥浪(导引功法) 龙门全真七星九转丹功秘法

流水不腐户枢不蠹。这是一句中国古老的成语源于修道,说的是每日勤于练功可以预 防一切疾病。其原因是每日勤功可以保养精血质量不变,调养增添精炁神及全身体各个器官之功能。比及其它运动只练及肌肉未能深达精血,甚至神炁之层次,故所 收效果甚微。甚或伤及本元也为多见。这要从锻炼的性质所决定。如外在的强化练习只能达及肌肉,对内分泌及其脏器没能有效营养和调理甚或大量耗损。长此下 去,以致受伤。然而挥浪则不然。首先挥浪是练内,大内之内之功即血元为主然后生炁生神。然生炁生神并非由本体而生,而是源于自然。这就将此益处大大提高到 一种任何其他锻炼无可比及的高度。每天的练习不但易做,还易于持之以恒。久而久之所有脉道都将打开,即百脉具开,炁血和畅,以此疾病又缘何而来呢?全体经 每日的营养调理:即血元炁元神元整合,你就建立起了内外坚强的堡垒。那谁又能乘虚而入呢?