Internal Martial Arts Sydney Dragon Gate Internal Martial Arts are the most practical, healthy and efficient way to develop the body and mind unity.

Daoist Master Dong YangGenuine Daoist Internal Martial Arts Training Sydney

Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang & Tai Ji Quan

Genuine Daoist Internal Martial Arts offer at Laozi Academy Sydney teaches the ability to have Absolute Control over power with the absence of forceful muscular tension. Daoist practice is neither religious nor superstitious. It is simple, easy to learn and does not require any equipment or large amounts of space.

The Internal Martial Arts are the most practical, healthy and efficient way to develop Whole Body & Mind Unity. Superior Self Defense ability comes easily and naturally.

This training is suitable for any age group or body type. It is particularly effective for female students to use for self defense.
Since it has a non struggle, non impact approach, it is extremely useful for those experiencing health difficulties.

At the LaoZi Academy the following points are specifically addressed:


  • All structures and systems of the body are rejuvenated and revitalized, sleeping patterns are nourished, immune system is strengthened and depression is overcome.
  • This applies to normal and healthy people but its also good for those already suffering a chronic illness or who are nursing injuries.

Personal Safety & Security

  • Body becomes more supple and durable, adapting a non-struggle condition, allowing those with a weak body to conquer the strong. Moreover it can help those who are in a disadvantaged condition to win or survive awkward or life threatening situations. This is the fundamental condition for all internal martial arts. Physical conditioning is the first stage that is achieved through training, as one progresses the most important achievement is mental conditioning, having obtained the right mental condition allows you to perform amazing feats without difficulties. It may sound incredible but the fact is you obtain powerful help from Nature.
  • The explanation for that is quite simple, you have achieved the same capabilities as nature, the creative power of nature through the Daoyin practice. This training allows you to collect and refine the natural energy.


  • With Daoyin practice mental alertness is developed and clarity of thought arises, eliminating stress and leading to the ability to make correct decisions in private and business life.


  • Tension is eliminated, your skin becomes smooth and clear resulting in a restored youthful appearance.
  • By following a Daoist diet and regular Daoyin practice you will lose weight and maintain a slim healthy figure.


  • All of the mentioned benefits result in a life that is long and enjoyable.
  • Life is extended through natural proven methods used by Daoists throughout history.
  • Its this aspect of Daoist practice that attracts people from every walk of life to Daoism.
  • The training will teach you how to gather and refine natural energy and open the channels all over your body.
  • With this condition combined with Daoist theory you will be able to achieve Superior Martial Arts Skills in the shortest possible time.
  • The martial arts of Dao is the only way to achieve the greatest of power without the use of force.

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