Using Tao is like a switch…

“Tao is empty, yet it fills every vessel with endless supply. Tao is hidden, yet it shines in every corner of the universe…” – Laozi, Tao Te Ching

Taoist internal cultivation focuses on the accumulation of a connection with Tao. People think of this as accumulating some type of energy, Qi or power but the closest description is to cultivate openness and emptiness. The more empty the mind and body become the more space there is for a connection to the Tao.

Great Taoist masters are able to achieve such a high degree of emptiness in both body and mind that they are able to accomplish anything they wish if they choose to activate their connection to the Tao. This is because the level of emptiness that is achieved is directly related to the power of Tao that can be accessed.

A master may live as a recluse in a hut yet have the potential to control an entire nation if he chooses to connect with the Tao. A true Taoist master can access the powerful connection with Tao that he has created throughout years of dedicated practice to achieve anything he aims for.


By © Master Dongyang