Yi jing (易经)

Yi jing and life

In the beginning, a matter is usually hard, but at the later stage it becomes easy. In the second stage, the matter is full of success and good comments. Whereas the fifth stage is always the final accomplishment.  The third stage is full of danger and threat. The forth is full of fear.

BaguaThese simple and clear accounts of Yi jing really reach the deep meaning of the great theory of Dao. To check the change of human activity and everything in the universe, nothing escapes the control of Yi jing. Therefore if we master the theory and the law of Yi jing, we can deal with the matter before it changes to uncontrollable,   (ie. use it for practical application in life) then we can avoid unnecessary loss and harm. This will put you in the absolute advantage position.

Actually Yi jing contains an elaborate and universal law of nature. But because historically people deliberately made it mystical, finally it was reckoned as a fortune telling book. That’s actually a great joke and a misunderstanding of the Yi jing.

Precisely said, Yi jing is a heavenly book of no words, a book that can unlock the cosmic password. It opens and describes the laws of operation of the universe, it is Daoism stated in four phases: i) phenomenon; ii) mathematics; iii) theory; and iv)energy. This law is also applicable for social life, such as ji, xiong, hui, lin (ie. good and bad), expressed in modern language as time, space, material and energy. Yi jing enables understanding and relationships among universal laws to allow practical use and the creation of a story from it. Once you have mastered these laws you will not make mistakes in the field of production and trading in daily life. Of course Yi jing is not limited to these fields. It can also detect the slightest change before it develops into a major disaster, by giving the diviner good advice and strong references to make the right decision. In order to maintain balance in everyday life, the Yi jing is consulted to get good luck and avoid the unexpected trouble.

Laozi Academy is now providing a series of lectures to the public on “Yi jing and life practice” according to social needs. All walks of life people are welcome to join.

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